Our team

Core project team

  • Alistair Ritchie

    Position: Key Expert 1/ Team Leader
    Role: Project directing and management

  • CJ Park

    Position: Key Expert 2
    Role: Project planning and implementation

  • Hyeme Bae

    Position: Backstopping staff
    Role: Technical support

  • Heewon Im

    Position: Administrative staff
    Role: Administrative support

The consortium

  • ICF International is a leading global climate and energy consultancy, with over 20 years of experience in emissions trading systems in US, EU and Asia. ICF and its associates provide comprehensive coverage of ETS topics.
  • Ecosian is one of the most experienced climate change consultancies in Korea, having substantial expertise in TMS and KETS, and also providing comprehensive coverage of ETS topics.
  • Development Solutions delivers projects in support of EU external policies and cooperation in climate, environment and trade policy areas.


Additional ETS expertise is provided by

  • Fraunhofer Institute - allocation and new mitigation technologies
  • Oeko Institut - allocation and market stability mechanisms
  • DIW Berlin and Grantham Research Institute - market stability mechanisms and carbon price modelling
  • Umweltbundesamt (UBA) - allocation and compliance